How to Give Bible Studies & Follow-up

Every church member ought to be able to give a Bible study to someone. Here's a training on how to follow-up with leads.

Discipleship and Evangelism Training

Personal Discipleship & Evangelism Training

SDA Fundamentals Beliefs

Understanding SDA Theology and Doctrines.

Revelation Now

It seems like everything is about to change—and, right now, you are probably wondering "WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?"

Faith & Finance Course

12 lessons on Financial Planning with a Faith Factor using solid biblical principles of money management.

Depression & Anxiety Recovery

Thousands have found freedom using this Innovative whole-person education that can eliminate depression and anxiety.

Panorama of Prophecy

Understand Bible prophecy, the times in which we live, and how to be ready for Christ's 2nd coming.

God's Health Message & Remedies

Discover simple, natural health principles to experience vitality and abundant health.

The Great Controversy Study

Vol. 5 of the Conflict of the Ages series --- the controversy between God and Satan and its ultimate conclusion.

Prophecy-A-Thon Virtual Conference

10 hours of Present Truth revealed in a world of confusion.

Kingdoms in Time

Kingdoms in Time