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Adventurer Clubs start kids off fresh, serving as an early age co-ed scout program for ages 4-9. Many kids around the world have discovered one of the most fun social groups ever. It was created with them in mind. The Adventurer Club is designed to strengthen child/parent relationships by providing specialized weekly club activities tuned to the psychological needs of this age group while simultaneously giving parents opportunities to learn parenting skills and enjoy special activities with their children. Consider enrolling in our local club today. WEBSITE


The Pathfinder Club is the flagship initiative within the Club Ministry lineup. Created as a co-ed scouts program for ages 10-16, the Pathfinder Club is responsible for producing some of the most passionate leaders and members of the local Church and community.

Boasting some 2 million members worldwide, the Pathfinder program provides a safe and nurturing environment where youth are able to develop and strengthen their spiritual, mental, physical and emotional skills. Young people participate in service to their community and God. The Pathfinder program is for anyone who commits to upholding the Pathfinder Pledge and Law, and live by the Pathfindering Spirit. Join our local club today to develop spiritual, physical, and emotional strength alongside your peers. WEBSITE


The Master Guide Program, originally a curriculum to create leaders for the Pathfinder Club, has become both an outreach and leader entity. Master Guides not only challenge each other physically, but also engage in their communities for the betterment of society as a whole.

It focuses on one's personal spiritual life and growth first and foremost. Master Guides are leaders that serve the church and community in all areas. Its curriculum is designed for both male/female youth and young adults ages 16 and older. It prepares the participant for leadership roles within the Adventurer, Pathfinder, and Youth Ministries. WEBSITE

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