The 12 Ps of Success

When you study all the world's greatest and most successful people such as athletes, presidents, musicians, and celebrities, you'll find certain overlapping traits. Legendary Jim Rohn of yesteryear used to say that success can be boiled down to a half dozen (or a dozen) disciplines, practiced consistently, over time.


Today, I want to share with you what I've found to be The 12 Ps of Success and Achievement. No matter what your background is, these all apply. 

Success Secrets Hiding In Plain Sight

We often search high and low for that which is right before our eyes. The challenge sometimes is that we think that things of value must be complex and only for the privileged few. Well, banish those thoughts forever. If you want to have more success and abundance in your life, then harness these twelve golden values:

  1. Passion. This is your innate drive to be, do, or have whatever you imagine. Some may call it ambition but it's more than that. When you understand how God wired you - gifted you for life, then you will work from your passions and not from your weakness. A good way to discover your passion is to ask yourself: what do I really love to do? What am I naturally good at? What causes me the most pain? What will I be, do, or have if money were not a limiting factor? In the depths of my heart (pit of my stomach), what do I really desire as my ideal life?
  2. Purpose. Knowing your passion helps you to embrace your life's purpose. Your purpose is your life's calling --- that thing that tugs at your heart as a vision and mission. Too many people don't live with a sense of purpose. They are living in survival mode because they don't know their WHY. Your purpose is tied to your gifts so ask, Why did the Create make me?
  3. Planning. Once you know your purpose and have identified your passions, you must carefully plan how you will carry out your unique mission and vision. Successful people plan every area of their life. Therefore, you must plan your day, week, month, and year. Set short term and long term goals. Make decisions backed by sound plans and success will follow you more frequently.
  4. Pursuit. You will not possess what you do not pursue. The degree of success and failure you experience in life is determined by this principle. If you are true to your purpose and living in alignment with your passions, then go after your dreams with all you've got. In due time, success will find you.
  5. Performance. The secret to promotion lies in performance. It therefore behooves you to excel in the way your perform your duties. As the saying goes, action speaks louder than words.
  6. Perseverance. Life is not always easy and the path to success is not always straight. Therefore, you must persevere during times of difficulties, defeats, and set backs. Some people fall short of achieving their goals because they give up too soon. Pursue your worthy ideals with consistent perseverance.

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals." --- Jim Rohn

Do you believe success is in your DNA? Do you still crave to succeed at high levels but dare not tell anyone? Well, there's no shame in being successful and you shouldn't apologize for God's blessings in/on your life, business, or ministry. If failure is the most common lot of the masses, then we should readily embrace any and all good fortune that come our way. BUT, taper it with a dose of the remaining six Ps of Success. 

  1. Peace. This perhaps is really what people desire when they say they want success, happiness, and prosperity. Peace of mind and contentment are golden jewels you simply cannot put a price tag on. So in all your success pursuits, remember that peace is not something out there, it really cannot be bought nor sold. True peace, lasting peace, is a gift you simply receive because it is something the Creator desires to give to ALL. Receive it and don't trade it for the temporal trinkets that fade with time.
  2. ​Provision. You'll need certain resources to accomplish your lofty goals. This is the provisions test. You must take time to provide or research how and where to get the necessary tools, strategies, information, etc. to achieve your dreams. This includes human resources, a shortcut and smart path to massive success in any area. And of always remember, there's an unlimited supply of resources because we cooperate with the One who has a thousand ways to provide, of which we do not know.
  3. Providence. Too many people leave out the role of faith and intuition when it comes to making breakthroughs in their life, business, or ministry. Many of the greatest minds and creators honed this very well to produce masterpieces we love and enjoy today. So when doors are open, go through them. When they're closed, pause, assess, and then proceed with caution. This may also be termed inspiration. When that inspiration is thick, strike while hot!
  4. Protection. Getting to the top is often not easy and is a long journey. Therefore, do all you possibly can to protect your achievements. Just as you do with your house and car, protect your family with love but also get adequate insurance. Protect your health with complete nutrition and updated information. Protect your success by being a lifelong learner. Basically, if it's important to you, then do what you must to keep it secured.
  5. Prayer. Ignore this to your own peril! It is the secret of all true and lasting success. Prayer is indeed an ordained means of success... prayer moves heaven. So why are you not praying more? Some have said that more things have been accomplished through prayers than anything else in this world. I value and believe in this so much I created a course on it called, Prayers That Move Heaven. Check it out now if you want to move the arms that move the world.
  6. Power. This is not what you may be thinking at first. Power itself is a test. Success will test you to see if you can handle legitimate power. Why? Because true success does indeed make you powerful so there must be a way to ensure you'll be responsible with it. One of the best things you can do is to not seek power and it will sure come to you.

Well, there you have it my friend, the 12 Ps of Success --- your keys to become all that you can become, having all that is possible for you, and doing more than you may have thought possible. Try them and see how they work for then let us know in the comments below.


"Now that you know these things. Happy and successful you will be if you do them."

Now that you've explored these 12 Ps of Success, which one(s) most resonate with you? Which do you desire to experience in the coming weeks? Share your thoughts by taking a moment to comment below.

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